Brooke Byam ________________________________________________________________________________
Entertainer, Vocalist, Actress & Mistress of Ceremonies

Miss America Scholarship Program 
Miss Clinton County 2000 
Platform: The Importance of Family 
Talent: Vocal Performance 
Song Selection: “Unchained Melody” 

Miss Iowa 2001 Semi-Finalist 
Platform: The Importance of Family 
Talent: Vocal Performance 
Song Selection: “Unchained Melody” 

Corporate Entertainer 

Vice-President Al Gore (2001) 
Dairyman’s Association 
Sedona Group 
Cattleman’s Association 
Nelson Corp Field 
Quad Cities Airshow 
Professional Bull-Riding Association 
AMA Pro Motocross 
American Miniature Horse Association 
American Midwest Horse Association 


White Boys (1999) 
Twentieth Century Fox 
Role: Country Western Singer 
(Original song “There’s A Boy” performed on-screen) 

Redemption Road (2010) 
Freestyle Releasing 
Role: Dolly, Dancer 


#1 Independent Country Artist 
Single: “Thank You For Leavin’“ 
Chart Success: Peaked at #1 on Independent Country Charts March 7th, 2014 

Josie Awards Nominee 2022 
Venue Owner 

Best Leading Actress 
Annie Get Your Gun 
Role: Annie Oakley 

Best Leading Actress 
Once Upon A Mattress 
Role: Princess Winifred 

Best Leading Actress 
Damn Yankees 
Role: Lola 

Theaters, Variety Shows & Revues 

The Nashville Palace 

Texas Troubadour Theater 
Nashville, TN 

Boots Randolph Theater 
Nashville, TN 

The Brooke Byam Show 
Seasons  1-5 

The Irlene Mandrell Show 
Seasons 1-3 

The Brooke Byam Holiday Show 

Halloween Seasons 1-2 

Thanksgiving Seasons 1-3 

Christmas Seasons 1-3 

Valentine’s Day Seasons 1-3 

Reba & Friends… 
2018, 2022 

Dolly & Friends… 
2019, 2022 


Mistress of Ceremonies 

Miss Clinton County Scholarship Program   2005, 2014 
Nashville LIVE   2017, 2018 
Midwest Idol 2019 


Piano, Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Cello, Percussion 

Vocal Styles 

Country, Pop, Rock, Blues, Belt, Contemporary Musical Theater 
Range: Contralto (F below Middle C - 2nd F Above Middle C) 


Brooke Byam Demo 1999 
There’s A Boy 2000 
Country Kinda Girl 2001 
Just A Look 2004 
Midwest Princess 2007 
Nashville Palace 2009 
The Brooke Byam Show Season 1 2014 
Thank You For Leavin’ 2014 
The Brooke Byam Show Season 2 2015 
LIVE At Tegeler Music 2016 
LIVE At The Orpheum 2017 
LIVE at Day of The Dead 2018 
Circus (Single) 2021 
Hey Li’l Sweetheart (Single) 2022 
Feelin’ The Love (Single) 2022 
Love The Devil (Single) 2022 
Let’s Fight (Single) 2022 
Get Along (Single) 2022 
Two Cheatin’ Hearts (Single) 2022